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Dance – through time – has been the most powerful way of expression as it captures emotions and thoughts. A human before even speaking, used his body movements as a mean of communication with the environment around him. So, through dancing, with an only «weapon», your body language, you have the unique opportunity to connect with the whole world. For this reason, after many years of substantial involvement with social dance (i.e. dances that all people regardless of age and fitness can dance), coming in contact with thousands of people, and taking under consideration all signs of our times, we created for you, a second family, “THE DANCE CLUB – THE MALL OF DANCE”.

Social dances consider being the dances that EVERYONE can dance no matter regardless of age and fitness.

Τhe initial thought was to create the largest club – not only in Athens but all over Greece also.

In 2012 this vision came true so, today we count 38 dance studios The Dance Clubs!!

  • Qualified Teachers
  • Flexible Schedule
  • 28.000+ Members

"Dance is an art, paint your dream and follow it"

- Stephen Thompson

38 Dance Studios

15 Years of Experience

100% Effective

Βραδιά Απονομής Πτυχίων!

Η πιο επίσημη εκδήλωση!


The key of success!

Practice and focus on the goal!

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